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Caper Clue 7 – Jala’s Flowers


PLACE: Jala’s Flowers

I was in such a hurry! I had to go into work at the office, then I had to pick up flowers for my mom’s birthday, and then I had to get on the road before 11:30 so I could drop off the flowers at my mom’s house in Chicago!
But my plans got all messed up when I was putting away green paint and spilled it all over the place! Made such a mess! It was all over the place, and when I cleaned it up, it was all over my hands!

Jen said Trista and Hilary had green hands! If Hilary is telling the truth about her cake and Trista is telling the truth about the paint, who is the mysterious green-handed lady at Main Street with Mikayla Moore? Everyone else’s hands are clean and not green. Or are they?