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Caper Clue 8 – The Dutch Kernal


PLACE: The Dutch Kernel

I had such a great day! I had a friend who works at the Dutch Kernel and she knows all about Coppes Commons. She was giving me a historical tour of the place. It took almost all morning!
I kept running into friends! I saw Hilary and her kids! They were there for a very long time eating their ice cream and washing their hands. They washed their hands a lot. Hilary had green all over her hands.
And then they helped me look for my earring. I didn’t realize it was missing, but when I did, we had to look all over for it! It was a very small earring. It was such a blessing to have my friends help me when I needed help!

Hmmmm. Interesting. So it seems like Hilary WAS indeed telling the truth! Her hands had frosting on them, but it was impossible for the frosting to be from my cꝏkies because she was at Rocket Science at Coppes Commons the whole time!
Emily DID lose her earring, but it was a tiny one. So it wasn’t her.
So who was the KidMin person with the green hands? And who lost that earring that I found?
The answers are out there . . . Maybe I should review my clues. And maybe the photographs?

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