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Caper Clue 5 – Rocket Science


PLACE: Rocket Science

Oh, what a morning! First, I spent hours making our annual “birthday cake for Jesus” that our family likes to do to celebrate the real reason for the Christmas season! What a mess! I tried using Pastor Ben’s recipe for frosting, and I couldn’t believe how messy that was!
Then, I took the kids to Rocket Science to celebrate Christmas break! I made them use lots of napkins so their hands wouldn’t get messy in the van! My own hands were very messy though . . . I also saw Emily. She looked like she was getting a tour or something from a friend. Then I saw her come back around because she said she had lost an earring and was looking for it.

Hmmmm. Interesting. Hilary had messy hands from frosting! Was she telling the truth? Were her hands messy from her cake’s frosting? Or my cookies’ frosting?
But she said Emily lost an earring. Also interesting, since that’s my only clue from the scene of the crime. I’ll have to check about that with Emily.