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Caper Clue 2 – The Barns: Sugar Cream Cabin


PLACE: The Barns—Sugar Cream Cabin

I had such a busy morning! I had to run so many errands! I went to the post office, and I went to the grocery store and then I had to drop off my son at his job at the Sugar Cream Cabin and I went in to buy some maple fudge for Pastor Ben. He loves maple fudge. I dropped off the fudge in Pastor Ben’s office at 11:30 and I saw no cookies. Just an empty tray with some crumbs and some of that messy frosting he makes.

Hmmmm… Interesting. So now we have a time for the crime! The cookies went missing BEFORE 11:30! So anyone who was at the church between 11:00 and 11:30 is a suspect! That includes Pamm, of course, since she was there to drop off that fudge for me. Hmmmm. I may need to stop by the office and have some of that fudge! It’s very good!