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Joseph: From the Pit to the Palace Part 2 — Another Coat, Another Trouble (Episode 2)

Joseph’s story continues as he loses everything . . . again! This time, Joseph has risen to the highest place in Potiphar’s house, but he falls once more as lies are spoken and he faces prison!

(Parent note: For the purposes of presenting this story to children, we have tried to retain the meaning of what Potiphar’s wife wanted to do with Joseph while putting it in words that kids understand. We have chosen to focus on the sinfulness of “loving someone who is married to someone else” and not on the specific physical sin that Potiphar’s wife was suggesting. This may still bring up some questions with young listeners.)

This episode featured:

  • Jen Miller & Pastor Ben: Your Hosts
  • Evan David: Joseph
  • Pamm Avery: Potiphar’s Wife
  • Ben Avery: The Official and Potiphar
  • Written, Directed, and Produced: Ben Avery

This podcast was created by the Nappanee Missionary Church KidMin department. You can find out more about NMC KidMin and the Nappanee Missionary Church at

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