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MAUNDY THURSDAY – Creation Speaks: The Rocks Cry Out! Pt.2 (Episode 9)

As we approach Easter, we’re looking at a different perspective on a familiar story by imagining what it would be like if rocks could talk and tell the stories of the things they witnessed!

Today, we listen to one of the rocks who was along the side of the road when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

This episode featured:

  • Jen Miller & Pastor Ben: Your Hosts
  • Ebenezer: Ben Avery
  • Flint: Tim Avery
  • Ferris: Laurel Avery
  • Terra: Amelia Avery
  • Griselda: Pamm Avery
  • Written, Directed, and Produced: Ben Avery

This podcast was created by the Nappanee Missionary Church KidMin department. You can find out more about NMC KidMin and the Nappanee Missionary Church at

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